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💻 Immediate Content Access - So you can start winning immediately upon joining us.

💸 5 x ‘Coaching Calls’ p/wk - These are our coaching calls to help you crush it! (replays available)

⚡️New Strategies Monthly - We bring the latest methods we are using in our business right now!

🔥 Monthly Genius Calls - We’re grateful to be connected with some of the best agents and investors in the country who graciously come and teach their genius within our Program!

Some of the upcoming trainings are:

  • Growing your Wholesale business
  • Wholesale huge profits
  • Seller finance for huge passive income
  • Increasing Net Worth by $1MM every six months (to name a few).

Here’s some of what we'll do together:

  1. SETUP: How to set up your investment business and wealth plan.
  2. LAUNCH: How to launch your investment business from scratch!
  3. REVIVE: How to add additional revenue to your real estate business
  4. GROW: How to grow your investment business
  5. TAXES: How to legally reduce the taxes you pay so you can buy more investments
  6. MARKETING: How to get below-market investments  from marketing that is working right now
  7. STRUCTURE: How to hire & train a rockstar salesperson, track key metrics & generate leads daily.

My real estate team has grown from $40 million per year to $140 million per year since I started coaching with Brett. I've added four ancillary business lines and grown my net worth by 1000% over the past five years. One of the brightest minds in the best coaches in the game. Brett's knowledge and guidance have been instrumental to my growth and overall success while working with Be Wealthy.  Thanks for all you have done and continue to do for me and my family Brett. 

Scale 2 Wealth Mentorship

5X Your Investment

100% Money-Back guarantee
Live Coaching 5x Weekly
Immediate Access to Content Library
Downloadable Templates

Many of you may know me by now.

For those that don't, my name is Brett Tanner, and I want to teach you how to turn your business into a personal wealth-building machine.

But first, I want to be very clear on something…if you’re not a high-performing real estate agent, team leader, or real estate investor, this is NOT for you. We can build the BIGGEST life you can possibly imagine.

We've guided hundreds of agents and investors who've participated in our in-person and online coaching with HUGE success in as little as 14 days after joining the community.

As I reflect on the last year and the challenges ahead in this shifting market, I decided to give back to this community of growth-hungry agents and investors.

And this is what I came up with…

Access the exact systems, training, tools, and support you need to dominate in 2023 DESPITE THE MARKET!

I don’t want to see you struggle in the months to come…

I don’t want you scrambling for help when it’s too late…

I DO want to help you, your business, and your family thrive for generations…

I built my real estate business and wealth machine starting in 2009.

The market was CRAZY so I got creative, worked hard, and learned A LOT!

My question to you is, why not learn from someone who’s been down the road you're headed?

I’ve personally sold over 7,500 homes as the #9 producing agent in the country.

My real estate team spans across the US with 100+ agents.

I own multiple vertical businesses that are connected to real estate.

I flip 50+ homes a year and own 200+ long term rentals around the country.

All of that is just to say, I’ve done it.

I’ve built a MASSIVE life and business that started in times not so different than today….and you can too!

Today, I have a tremendous team that keeps everything I do running so that I can do what REALLY gets me excited. Helping A players become A+ by scaling their businesses and creating bullet proof wealth.

I am OVERLY confident in what you will be able to perform when you start working with my team and me.

We’re ready to give you all the necessary systems, tools, training, and support.

Our goal is to scale over 100 real estate agents to a true net worth of 1MM+ by the end of 2023. Here’s a handful of DOZENS of people…just like you 👇


Listen, If you want to learn how to scale your business and escape the day to day…

If you want to learn how to utilize your team to create investment opportunities...

If you want to learn how to create passive income...and ultimately become COMPLETELY financially free...

Then take advantage and join our community.

Me, my team, and my community of BeWealthy Legends are ready to SCALE 2 WEALTH! Are you?

Scale 2 Wealth Mentorship

5X Your Investment

100% Money-Back guarantee
Live Coaching 5x Weekly
Immediate Access to Content Library
Downloadable Templates

If you don’t have 2.5hrs/wk to work on growing your business, this program isn’t a good fit for you.

30-minute live calls Mon-Fri. You can join any call anytime. All calls are recorded and available. 

You can find and make deals within 3 weeks if you attend the calls. We'll even audit your deal if you'd like.

Take a look at some of our member's success below…

  • 💸 Dan wholesaled his first deal and made $42k within 60 days of starting the program.
  • 💸 Jason bought a duplex at 25% below market, and it getting over $500 per month in cash flow.
  • 💸 Katie completed her first flip and made a $65k profit.
  • 💸 Ron found an AIR BNB at a discount, uses it 4 weeks per year and makes $3k monthly in cash flow.
  • 💸 Seth created a seller finance note business and has a total cash flow of over $12k per month.

We have different strategies based on where you are. Never bought an investment property? We got you! Already bought rentals, done several flips, and have been in the game for a while; you’ll love it! The mentorship is designed to give you the plan, all the tools, help, and community you’ll need to dominate!

You're a ‘Know-it-all’ or feel above others because of your previous business success and have bought investment properties before and know a thing or two.

We’re looking for hungry, determined, open-minded agents and investors willing to ask, learn, implement and share in our community.

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